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VRITIMES and RapportPH.com Forge Partnership to Elevate Press Release Reach in the Philippines


VRITIMES and RapportPH.com Forge Partnership to Elevate Press Release Reach in the Philippines

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Manila, 12-Feb-2024 – In a landmark collaboration aimed at revolutionizing press release distribution in the Philippines, VRITIMES, a Tokyo-based media technology innovator, has joined forces with RapportPH.com, a leading Filipino news and information hub. This partnership promises to significantly enhance the visibility and impact of press releases in the region, providing VRITIMES’ clients with unprecedented reach.

VRITIMES, founded in August 2022, is renowned for its specialized press release services, offering a seamless platform for the creation, distribution, and analysis of press releases. This unique offering positions VRITIMES as both a pivotal media platform and a distributor to a vast network of media partners.

RapportPH.com is celebrated for its comprehensive coverage across various sectors, including business, technology, lifestyle, and sports, making it a trusted source of news and information in the Philippines. The platform’s dedication to delivering timely and relevant content has established it as a cornerstone in the Filipino media landscape.

The synergy between VRITIMES and RapportPH.com will utilize the extensive reach and influence of RapportPH.com to ensure optimal exposure for press releases distributed through VRITIMES. This strategic alliance not only amplifies the visibility of VRITIMES’ clients but also diversifies the content offerings of RapportPH.com, enriching the platform with a broader spectrum of news and information.

“We are thrilled to partner with RapportPH.com, a platform that aligns with our vision of making information more accessible and impactful,” stated Ferry Bayu, Co-Founder / CEO of VRITIMES. “This partnership underscores our commitment to enhancing the distribution of press releases in the Philippines, ensuring that our clients’ news not only reaches but resonates with their target audience.”


VRITIMES (https://www.vritimes.com/ph/service) is a media technology startup company, established in Tokyo in August 2022. We specialize in press releases, functioning both as a media platform and a distributor to our media partners. Users can create and distribute press releases through VRITIMES, then use our analytics feature to review their results – all within one solution. By making it easy and affordable to distribute press releases, we aim to facilitate a more valuable flow of information in the world, serving as the infrastructure that ensures this information reaches the media and consumers. RapportPH.com is a prominent news and information website in the Philippines, known for its in-depth coverage and journalistic excellence. The platform serves as an essential resource for news and insights, catering to a diverse readership across the nation.

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