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Stay Productive on Your Working Holiday in Canggu


Stay Productive on Your Working Holiday in Canggu

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No, you have the choice to break from those daily commutes to your office. You don’t have to be stuck there. There is another way by going somewhere fresh. A way to have fun yet you can get done with all those tasks. You have the alternative to stay productive and you can still relax. When you feel so tired of office life, you can choose to go on a working holiday. One of the places that has long been a top pick for the working holiday trend is Canggu. This neighborhood has become the haven for those who want to merge holiday and work – and it’s often referred to as digital nomads. Remote work has made the idea of working while on vacation quite common, as fundamentally, you can blend holiday with work. Digital nomads flock to Canggu for its comprehensive facilities. But even before we get into the specifics of what’s on offer, Canggu flaunts picturesque beaches and landscapes. From thrilling waves perfect for surfing to lush green rice fields – it’s indeed a feast for the eyes. Drawing the crowd, Canggu is also a hub for an array of places to stay. Whether you’re into laid-back hostels or exquisite private villas, you’ll find it all here. It’s safe to say that Canggu caters to your every need. So, if you’re up for a working holiday in Canggu, these are the spots you shouldn’t miss. Need a comfortable place to stay during your vacation and work in Canggu, Astera Resort Canggu truly shouldn’t be missed. Astera Canggu is a luxury resort that offers tropical vibes for a workcation in Canggu. Feature Smart Loft One Bedroom, One Bedroom Villa with Private Pool and Jacuzzi and Smart One Bedroom Ricefield View Villa with Private Pool and Jacuzzi. Surrounded by lush rice fields, Astera Resort is located in one of the trendiest areas in Bali, Canggu. This resort also is just 10 minute’s drive to Batu Bolong Beach and several nearby cafes, and restaurants, to work and chill. If you’re looking for lunch, consider visiting Paed Thai Canggu. They offer top-rated dishes like Tom Yum Hotpot, Bone Marrow, and Pad Thai Goong, along with a refreshing Whiskey Thai Tea. Paed Thai is a great lunch option, conveniently located across from Astera Resort Canggu, known for its exquisite mezzanine rooms. For a delightful dinner option, look no further than Cantina Classe, situated just a stone’s throw away from your room as it graces the front of the Astera Resort lobby. The culinary delights at Cantina are a must-try, including the delectable Fettuccine Truffle Carbonara, mouthwatering Prawn Pizza, and their signature cocktail, Liquid Pizza, an absolute treat that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds. Mixing your remote work and vacation in a villa near the beach, you can totally check out Teratai Villa. Teratai Villa Canggu gives you this awesome experience that blends modern Japanese and Balinese styles. It features a grand one-bedroom and a grand two-bedroom with private pools. The villa area is also near various restaurants, beach clubs, and beaches for surfing or catching the sunset for unforgettable and exciting moments throughout your working holiday in Canggu. If you’re up for a workation, Workmates are definitely the best choice. They’ve got a comfy coworking setup and places to dine in. Other than that, you can also dive into the public pool and join fun activities, all just a purchase away. Canggu is truly the perfect spot for a working holiday or being a digital nomad. With all the complete facilities and the tropical vibes of the Canggu area, it’s just right for staying productive while still soaking up the beach atmosphere and keeping things chill.
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