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INPOP Indonesia (Inpop) introduced Batik Wong Agung (BWA) through the World Tourism Network (WTN)


INPOP Indonesia (Inpop) introduced Batik Wong Agung (BWA) through the World Tourism Network (WTN)

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Through a networking collaboration between Inpop and WTN, Inpop has introduced BWA to the international community with the hope that BWA will be recognized not only in Indonesia but also worldwide.

Batik Wong Agung is a batik painting brand created by Agung Suhartanto from Yogyakarta. The uniqueness of Batik Wong Agung is that the painting produced is created through the batik process. Agung Suhartanto has created more than 100 batik paintings, which are capable of producing paintings with sizes of over 1 meter and even up to 10 meters.

The paintings produced by BWA not only showcase art, but also convey various life messages and local wisdom possessed by the Indonesian people. For example, the painting “Heavenly Prison” introduced at the 2023 WTN Summit in Bali on September 29-30 conveyed a message about “cosmopolitanism,” referring to someone or something that is global or universal, not limited to a specific region or culture. This term can also refer to someone who is knowledgeable and experienced, with various interests and experiences. The size of this painting is 166 x 257 cm, produced through a batik process.

Many of BWA’s paintings explain various local wisdoms from the Indonesian archipelago. For example, there are paintings entitled “Raja Ampat” from Papua, “Memayu Hayuning Bawono” from Yogyakarta, “Telling Stories in Silence” from Madura, “Chain of Eyes” from Lombok, and many more.

Through the collaboration between INPOP Indonesia and WTN, with 132 member countries, INPOP Indonesia hopes to introduce Batik Wong Agung and other creative Indonesian products to the international community. As we know, the creative industry includes not only art crafts but also music, film, fashion, design, dance, and tourism.

In addition, INPOP Indonesia’s collaboration with WTN is expected to support the Indonesian government’s program and 59 other countries that held a conference on “Creative Economy” in Nusa Dua Bali in 2022, which they named the “World Conference on Creative Economy.” They have created a roadmap for the Creative Economy. The World Conference on Creative Economy is an international event that brings together policymakers, academics, professionals, and other stakeholders to discuss and exchange ideas about the creative economy. The creative economy includes industries such as design, fashion, music, film, and others that contribute to economic growth and development while promoting cultural diversity and innovation. The conference aims to explore the potential of the creative economy to drive sustainable development and address global challenges.

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